Sydney Airport


The Long Term Operating Plan for Sydney Airport (LTOP) has been in place at Sydney Airport since 1996. The aim of the plan is to operate as many flights as possible over water or non-residential land and where this is not practicable, to share the noise from aircraft over residential land.

The targets of the plan are to have the majority of aircraft movements, 55 per cent, over the south over water, with 17 per cent of movements over the north, 15 per cent over the west and 13 per cent over the east. These targets may not always be met because runway use is determined largely by wind direction for safety reasons, and other relevant factors.

The target for the north has never been met. The Key Facts About Noise Sharing factsheet explains why this is the case. It also explains:

  • the runway modes in use at Sydney Airport
  • why noise can’t be evenly spread
  • why the modes using the parallel runways are the most frequently used modes

Detailed monthly statistics related to the Long Term Operating Plan are available in the Sydney Airport Operational Statistics reports.

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